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Leadership East County

The mission of the Leadership East County is to utilize the unique perspective, experience and talent of its membership to identify, mentor and prepare the East County leaders of tomorrow with these goals:

  • Identify and motivate current and emerging leaders committed to the betterment of East County.
  • Acquaint participants with East County's assets, needs and challenges.
  • Provide a forum to promote, provoke, discuss, and resolve challenges with experienced community leaders.
  • Encourage and promote active community involvement, whether it be strong business leaders, through public service, non-profit organizations, or volunteerism – persons who make a difference in the community.
  • Increase personal awareness and confidence.


Some of the benefits of this program are:

  • GROWTH: developing personal and professional growth in leadership skills and teambuilding
  • KNOWLEDGE: gaining in depth knowledge of the issues and inner workings of all aspects of the community
  • EXPERIENCE: working with diverse values and opinions for shared learning
  • RELATIONSHIPS: meeting and networking with community leaders who can make a difference in the community
  • ALUMNI: joining a select group of dedicated individuals for life long networking support
  • APPLICATION: providing a forum to utilize skills and knowledge to promote learning
  • VISION: becoming motivated to get involved and make a difference in the East County community


Leadership Dynamics
Believing that leadership is learned, this day focuses on understanding individual styles and leadership methodologies, for you and the class. Get acquainted with those who will share this experience in Leadership East County.
History and Art
Learn about some of the early settlers in East County, from the Kumeyaay people to miners, farmers and entrepreneurs. View what is being done in the area of visual and performing arts in East County. Visit local museums and art galleries for a flavor of the past.
The Justice System
Hear from judges, law enforcement personnel, offenders and innocent victims. Learn about the levels and functions of our judicial system, its issues, challenges, and solutions.
Spend an exciting day learning about pertinent economic information as issues facing East County are discussed: manufacturing, retail, real estate, consumer spending and financial investments.
The Leadership Retreat
This is an experience in developing a variety of skills in teambuilding, personal growth, and leadership. It is a great time to interact with the group and alumni, building relationships that will last a lifetime, while focusing on an issue with a team to make a difference in the community.
Regional Collaboration
Discover the art of true collaboration -how to bring people together, build strong relationships and foster collaborative solutions in the broader community - a win, win for us all.
Human Services
Explore non-profit organizations, why they exist and those that are available in the East County. You may find a wonderful opportunity to positively assist in situations with children, families and senior adults in poverty; domestic violence, physically and developmentally disabled; and the homeless population.
Our area is filled with a variety of great schools and community colleges. Learn from educators about the issues and challenges facing education today, and about some of the innovative projects that are taking place in our schools and colleges.
Health Care
Visit first hand the health care industry during a tour of a local hospital. Discuss the financial challenges faced in providing local residents with necessary health care services.
Government and Safety
Meet some of the key figures in local government as you learn about the local political scene, including mayors, city councils and city staff. Discuss the challenges in keeping the community safe while dealing with immigration, wild fires and Homeland Security.
Future Vision
Together you and your group will have the opportunity to make a difference in our community. Discuss with your teammates a topic that holds a special interest as you collectively develop a project that can have a positive impact in that one area of the community. Discover the thrill of working with others in leadership roles as you bring your project to life.


Participants are individuals seeking to enhance their leadership skills, involvement, and knowledge of the community. They are willing to contribute their individual talents to the betterment of the East County community and make a thorough commitment to the philosophy of the program. Participants:

  • Have a strong interest in increasing community and civic leadership in the future
  • Agree to commit the necessary time and effort to complete the program

Volunteer community leaders design each session to present community-significant issues from various perspectives.
Each session is designed to inform, motivate, and challenge.
Participants are given the opportunity to dialogue with existing community leaders and to share ideas with one another.

Applications are on-going, with personal interviews scheduled during the summer.

  • Class begins in August
  • Meets once a month
  • One day a month: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, plus a day and a half overnight retreat
  • Monthly attendance required
  • Graduation in June
  • Class locations vary according to subject matter

Request your application for next year’s class and become one of the graduates from the “Best Class” of:
An $850 Fee - A limited amount of tuition assistance is available.

c/o San Diego East County Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 619.440.6161

Visit the Leadership East County website at